Use Trello to Manage Your Social Media Content

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I think it’s no secret that I love me some Trello. And it should be obvious by now that I love me some social media too. So it was inevitable that I try to marry the two. Previously, all of my content was managed in spreadsheets and folders (and still is, to some extent). But now I am streamlining a process to keep me more organized so that I always know what is coming up and have once central place to locate everything.


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I try to be helpful, consistent, and relevant with my social media posting.

Helpful - sharing blog posts and tips that could make something easier for you, the entrepreneur

Consistent - posting almost daily on every social media network where I am active (no disappearing act from me if I can help it!)

Relevant - making sure that anything new, timely, or newsworthy gets posted asap

It’s a lot of things to juggle, and so I’ve enlisted Trello to help me out. Note: if this is your first time using Trello, you can sign up for free right here!

Here is a sample look at what I see when I’m organizing my social media in Trello - this is the board that contains the lists and cards I use to keep track of what I’m posting.

I can switch it to calendar view so I can easily see when I’m supposed to be posting as well, and drag-and-drop things around to change the dates if needed.

Additional details about how to use this, as well as access to download a copy of the board for yourself, can be found in Systematize Your Social Media, which is an online mini-course I created that you can grab right here for only $47!

Here are the basics:

  1. Create a board just for your social media planning. If you are an advanced Trello user and would prefer to incorporate this into another board feel free!

  2. Create categories/themes for your content. For example, promotions, blogs, tips, etc. Each list on your board will represent a category.

  3. Create cards in each list to store post ideas. Give everything a due date when you want it to be posted so it shows up on the calendar.

  4. You can write your posts right in the cards if you want, including attaching any relevant links, images, or videos. This can make it easy to write several variations to avoid seeming repetitive.


  • Don’t automatically archive cards when the due date is passed - this might be content you can tweak and repeat.

  • Give your categories coloured labels so that they are easy to distinguish on the calendar - this makes it easy to see on the calendar if you have overloaded a short period of time with too much of one category.

  • Try not to have big gaps in your posting schedule or overload any days/weeks if you can help it.

  • Complex or long term promotional campaigns may need their own list.

  • Bonus tip: If you want to use Trello to manage a remote team, this article from Time Doctor is worth reading.


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