The Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

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It is no secret that Facebook can be a powerful tool when it comes to promoting your business and learning best practices. However, with so many users and businesses on the platform, competition on Facebook is fierce. Many established companies therefore pay high advertising fees in order to secure the attention of their target group. Luckily, there is another way. Recent years have seen a sharp increase in the volume of Facebook Groups dedicated to a certain business purpose.


What is a Facebook Group?

A Facebook group is a closed Facebook community dedicated to a certain topic or purpose. Typically, only it’s members can read the content and publish posts of their own. If you are not in a Facebook Group yet, we have two great messages for you:

  1. Everybody can join the below Facebook Groups and thereby increase the reach of published content.

  2. Joining Facebook Groups is free.


How to get into a Facebook Group?

So, how do you get into a closed Facebook Group? Either type in a keyword related to a group that you would like to join in the search bar of Facebook or simply click on the link of one of the Facebook Groups we present to you below.

Once you reach the Facebook Group’s page, you can read their introduction but not what is published and discussed within the group. In order to become a member, click on + Join Group.

Depending on the Group, you will then have to answer between 1 to 3 simple questions. For example: How did you learn about our Group? Generally, you will be accepted by the administrator within 24 to 48 hours after requesting membership.

There is no limit as to how many Facebook Groups you can join.

The Groups

Finding the right Facebook Groups can be time consuming. This is why we have put together a list of our favorite groups for entrepreneurs and business owners.


The Ucent Facebook Group developed into a place where its members discuss everything even remotely related to Business. I would almost call this a “Must Facebook Group” for every Entrepreneur and Business owner. Just join the Group, read and get inspired from what is already there and participate by posting your own content related to your niche.

SEO Signal Lab

This Group is all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you want to learn about how to get better Google ranks for your website or blog – this is your group. There is lots of free advice offered in here.

Marketing Solved

This Group is all about Design, Advertising and Social Media Marketing. Do you want to generate some traffic to your website and gain some additional fans? Why don’t you ask the members of this Group to pay your page a visit and give you a Feedback about the design of your website?

Coffee with Dan

Similar to the Ucent Facebook Group. However, Coffee with Dan is a much smaller Group. This has both advantages and disadvantages. While you will be able to reach less people in here, it is much easier to stand out from the crowd. In here, your post will not be missed among the posts from other members.


Bonus Group (from Brandi)

School for Heartful Entrepreneurs

This group is focused on providing support and community for entrepreneurs who are determined to use their skills and business to improve the lives of others, and who want to design a business that enriches their own lives. Discussions will be focused around digital tools, social media/marketing, and business productivity!



Entrepreneurs have always found ways to compete on a small budget with established firms. Facebook Groups are the small business owner’s answer to the increasing advertising spending from established companies. These groups allow you to reach a large number of very active Facebook users for free. If you haven’t done so yet, make sure to start applying for your first groups.



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