Roundup: Top 10 Blog Posts

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Because I know how busy you entrepreneurs and small business owners are, I understand that there might have been some helpful articles that you could have missed, so instead of serving up a brand new article for you to add to your To Read list, here are some of my most popular blogs posts!

Note: because my business shifted focus mid-2018 away from social media and more towards systems, processes, and technology, I left social media strategy articles off of this top 10 list, but put them in an honourable mentions category at the end :)


1. How to Change Your Facebook Page Name and Username

Facebook is great when things work. But when things don’t, or you get errors, figuring out how to fix it can be impossible. And let's not even get started about Facebook support. If you are having problems changing your info on Facebook, this article will walk you through a few different troubleshooting scenarios.

In 2017: #2


2. Best Image Sizes for Social Media 

A good one to bookmark. I update this post whenever a social media network makes a change to the image sizes of their profiles or post images - never post another awkwardly cropped photo again!

In 2017: #3


3. Social Media Updates for Business

I used to make separate posts each month for whatever updates had just come out. That was silly. Now I keep them all in 1 big post so that you can see the latest updates as well as browse anything you might have missed!

In 2017: n/a; new to the list


4. Top 5 Tools To Run a Video Contest for Your Business

This is the first guest post to make it to the top 10! If running contests that require video submissions is a part of your marketing strategy, then definitely read this to narrow down your search for the best tools to run your contest.

In 2017: n/a; new to the list


5. Where to Find Free Images for Social Media

This is a giant listing of amazing quality stock photos that you can use by themselves or to create graphics to engage your audience. I update this list as new resources come to my attention, so it’s a good article to bookmark.

In 2017: #1


6. How I Use Gmail, Trello, Evernote, and Chrome to Stay Organized

Besides social media, a large portion of you are concerned with saving time. Since I often get asked about my day-to-day processes I put this together in the hope that some of the tools or processes here can make your days more productive.

In 2017: #4


7. Digital Tools & Resources for Business

Another great resource to add to your bookmarks! This post is compiling all of my favourite tools that you can use for things like social media scheduling, graphic design, productivity, websites, and more! And not only is it a resource list, but I also update it regularly with any updates or important info that you need to know about those tools.

In 2017: n/a; new to the list


8. Use Trello to Manage Your Social Media Content

Trello is an amazing tool not only for staying productive but also keeping your ideas organized. This article shows you how to create a board to keep track of your post ideas so that you always have something to post.

In 2017: #8


9. How to Add an Administrator to Your Facebook Page

This is actually one of the oldest posts on the list, but it has never made it to the top 10 before this year. I had a business friend who was struggling with this due to a wonky page setup years earlier - back when you could create a page separately from your personal account.  This has caused no end of grief for people who are now trying to link their personal profile to their page, so if this is you, read on!

In 2017: n/a; new to the list


10. Creating a Branded Intro/Outro for Your Facebook Lives

As video continues to grow in popularity online, people continue to find little ways to stand out. Having a branded video is one way to look more professional, and FB is allowing us to do this with our Facebook Live broadcasts.


Honourable Mentions



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