Instagram Link In Bio Tools: LinkTree vs FuzedLink vs TapBio

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One of the things that makes Instagram unique is the lack of clickable links in posts. People tell me that this makes for a better user experience, but it poses a challenge when you’re trying to run a business. Link in bio services are becoming more popular and are sometimes more convenient for people than creating a custom link page on their website. Inside you’ll find a comparison of the top 3 link in bio tools.


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When To Use a Link In Bio Tool

If you are promoting a single website, landing page, or booking page long-term, then you likely don’t need a link in bio tool since you won’t be changing your link very often.

However, if you have a couple of different things that you promote concurrently (for example, your freebie opt in AND your link for a free consult AND you host an event once a month) then you don’t want to be constantly switching your bio link back and forth - it’s a pain and you will forget!

Some people have complained that these tools are no good because you can’t track analytics properly or you can’t brand it the way you want. That’s only sort of true.

  • You can still see traffic on google analytics, you just have to be aware that it’s not going to show up under “social”, but coming from whatever tool (URL) you are using; as an alternative, you can also give your links custom UTM parameters and track them that way

  • If you want more features, you can pay for these tools

  • If you’d rather not pay, you can create a custom page on your website that is branded and linked to your existing analytics account

Having a custom page on your website is a great idea, but if you are not wanting to design webpages, you don’t find your website platform user-friendly, or you have to pay $$$ every time you need to make a small change to your website then a link in bio tool is generally more convenient.

Tip: these tools were all designed with Instagram in mind, but really they can be used anywhere! Bio links on other social media profiles, in your email signature, as a temporary website if yours is down or being redesigned, etc.


Quick Comparison

  LinkTree FuzedLink Tap Bio
Customization: colours Limited No Yes
Customization: images Paid Plans Only No Yes
Link List Yes Yes Yes
Post Links No Yes Yes
Feature Links Paid Plans Only Yes Yes
Link Thumbnails Paid Plans Only Yes No
Analytics Limited Yes No
Integrations Paid Plans Only: Mailchimp, Amazon Influencer Program, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Spotify, Soundcloud Mailchimp, Zapier, YouTube, Twitter
Coming Soon: Instagram Shopping, Eventbrite, Meetup
Paid Plans Only: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel
Paid Plans Start At $6/month Coming Soon $3/month



LinkTree is not the first of these tools, but it’s definitely the first one that got really popular with business owners. Their focus is on regular links (not post links) and they continue to add neat features to their paid plans.

When to use the free version of LinkTree: you only need a user-friendly links list.

Some of my favourite things that you can only do with LinkTree (if you have a paid plan):

  • Leap Links - if you have a temporary promo that is the most important you can set your entire LinkTree bio link to temporarily redirect to a single link for the biggest impact.

  • Scheduled Links - if you use software to schedule your posts and forget to update your link list, you can schedule your links to go live at the same time.

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FuzedLink is the new kid on the block (at the time of publishing) and their developers are incredibly responsive to feedback from users.

When to use the free version of FuzedLink: you need to be able to show both a links list and post links.

Some of my favourite things that you can only do with FuzedLink:

  • Add links to your social media profiles and email address as part of your bio.

  • Use it as your blogging platform if you don’t currently have a website - if you configure a post with just a link, when people tap on the post image they will immediately be taken to the link, but there is a space to add text which you can format with headings, bullets, hyperlinks, etc.

  • Add multiple links to a post link - this is not something you would normally want to do, but I find it helpful when I’m talking about a couple of tools or apps that work hand in hand and it doesn’t make sense to create 2 separate posts for them.

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Tap Bio

Tap Bio generates a story-like bio link with swipeable pages that you can essentially turn into a mini-website with a links list, post links, single landing pages, and can display content from other social media channels like Twitter and YouTube.

Note that with the free plan you can only have one type of page in addition to your profile page

When to use the free version of Tap Bio: you need a bio link that is branded to your business.

Some of my favourite things that you can only do with Tap Bio (if you have a paid plan):

  • Create individual landing pages with a call to action.

  • Because it integrates with Zapier, you can set up a Zap to add email subscribers to any other email provider that supports Zapier, and not just Mailchimp.

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Which One Will You Use?

As with all of the tools I talk about and recommend, you need to understand what you need for your business first, and then choose the tool that meets those needs. As your business evolves and grows you will likely find yourself needing to switch tools and that’s fine!

Over here is where I track new features that are released for these tools, so make sure to bookmark that post to keep an eye out for awesome updates. If you want those updates delivered right to your inbox, become a member of School for Heartful Entrepreneurs!


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