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Technology is changing quickly. You are busy running your business and you don’t have the time to stay on top of all of the updates that are happening constantly. I am compiling all of the most relevant changes that you need to know about here in a single post - bookmark it and check back monthly!

Heads up! This post contains affiliate links, marked with an asterisk. If you sign up through one of those links you won't pay anything extra (sometimes you’ll even get a discount or bonus!), but I'll get a small commission or credit that helps me to keep delivering this awesome free content to you! I only recommend tools that I use and trust. Read my affiliate disclosure here.

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  1. Social Media Scheduling

  2. Video Creation/Editing

  3. Graphic Design/Image Editing

  4. Link/URL Tools

  5. Productivity

  6. Online Course & Membership

  7. Document & Presentation Design

  8. Email Marketing

  9. Online Appointments & Booking

  10. Live streaming

  11. Screen Recording

  12. Websites

  13. Podcasting

  14. Webinar

Note: new updates are indicated below in bold.




Social Media Scheduling

Note: Tools/Apps listed alphabetically


  • Instagram: you can now schedule posts and have your hashtags automatically go into the first comment. Full details.

  • Instagram: Buffer now has a link in bio that connects to a store to make your IG shoppable. Full details.

  • Instagram: choose a cover photo for your videos (paid plans).

  • Instagram: direct scheduling for videos now available. Full details.

  • Tailored Posts: craft a single message but then customize the images, hashtags, character length, etc. for each network you want to post to. Currently only available in the browser extension. Full details.

  • Facebook: tag other business pages when posting to your business page. Full details.

  • Instagram: Geotag your posts within the Buffer composer, post a gallery of up to 4 images when posting via notification, and the default setting for accounts is now notification posting, which you can switch to direct posting on a post-by-post basis.

  • Instagram direct scheduling is available inside Buffer for single-image posts. Full details.

  • New composer makes it easier to create your posts: tag Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, customize your posts for different accounts at the same time, you can only schedule posts to 1 Twitter account at a time (due to the recent Twitter policy changes).

  • Buffer has enhanced how it's Instagram functionality works. You can now preview your scheduled posts as a grid, just as they'd appear in Instagram. You also get multiple reminders to post your photos in case you miss the first one. Full details

  • If you use Buffer for Business, you now have an easy way to manage all of your team members, their permissions, and your social media accounts. Full details


Get Buffer* | Free & paid account options



  • Another feature bites the dust: due to a LinkedIn change, Hootsuite can no longer display your home feed. Full details.

  • LinkedIn Pages: you can now @mention other LinkedIn pages in your page posts as well as publish video to your page via Hootsuite.

  • Publishing to Google+ stopped January 28, 2019. Full details.

  • Instagram: changes to the API mean that Hootsuite can no display hashtag search or location search streams for Instagram, or a stream of your @mentions. You also cannot use a personal Instagram profile to engage with posts via Hootsuite. Full details.

  • Boost Facebook posts directly from Hootsuite, available on all plans. Full details.

  • Hootsuite now has built-in Pinterest publishing and scheduling! Full details.

  • Due to the changes to Facebook’s API (because of the privacy concerns), Hootsuite will no longer have access to a number of features including user name & profile pictures in search streams for both Facebook and Instagram, page messaging, engaging with Instagram posts, and more. Full details.

  • Instagram direct scheduling is now available for all plans. Full details.

  • Some new apps added include Trello* (paid), PromoRepublic* (free), Salesforce (free), and Google Translate (paid)!

  • Now share content directly from your mobile device without having to hack together a javascript bookmarklet. As long as the app you're using has a sharing feature, you can now post/schedule content directly to Hootsuite.

  • They made some updates to the navigation, simplifying things and removing access to areas that your plan doesn't allow.

    They also updated the Hootsuite Syndicator app, removing some of the save options and the 'mark as read/unread' feature.

  • New App integrations Added

    Slack, OneDrive, AdEspresso, PromoRepublic, JIRA Service Desk, WeChat.

  • ‘Suggestions’ Feature is Gone

    To be honest, it wasn't very good at giving me relevant info (though I did LOVE how it scheduled things into blank spots in my calendar).

  • Updates to Enhance App

    You can edit filters, stickers, text, etc. at any point of the design process (no more starting over from scratch!). Full details.

  • Hootsuite had already introduced their new analytics reporting for Twitter and Facebook Pages, and now it's available for Instagram as well.

    Note: the new analytics reporting is currently only available for paid Hootsuite accounts.

  • Enhance is a photo editing app (only available on iOS for now) that integrates with Hootsuite so that you can schedule a post with a photo to any connected network. The app itself also has a bunch of pre-sized templates for different networks (ala Canva) that make sizing a breeze. The app has filters, basic adjustments, you can add text, shapes, social media icons AND... you can save logos to always be able to brand your images. Full details

  • Instead of uploading your posts, scheduling them, and then having to go through and review you can now review them all before they get scheduled. The Hootsuite Bulk Uploader will also generate errors if something is wrong with a message, allows you to add photos to your posts, and customize the link previews. Full Details

  • New app added! Slack for Hootsuite allows you to select a social media post, add a comment and send it directly to a Slack Channel within your team. Full details

Get Hootsuite | Free & paid account options



  • Instagram: when you are tagged or mentioned in a post, you can add it directly to your media library to be reposted. Full details.

  • Instagram: save searches for easy access

  • Instagram: paste a URL to some content and Later will automatically pull in an image. Full details.

  • Pinterest: schedule videos. Full details.

  • Instagram Stories: visually plan and schedule Instagram stories (paid accounts only). Full details.

  • Changes to the Instagram API mean that search & repost features can only be used with connected business profiles, you can no longer search by user or location, hashtag autocomplete no longer works. Full details.

  • Instagram: improved analytics for paid plans. Full details.

  • Instagram: direct schedule videos. Full details.

  • Filters available when editing your photos before publishing. Full details.

  • For Business plans you can now tag locations and users in your Instagram posts. Full details.

  • For Business plans there is a new contributor feature where you can give people a link where they can upload their photos - those that you accept will be added to your media library. Full details.

  • Later has introduced Hashtag Suggestions on its paid plans. Just add a single hashtag to your post and then access the suggestions menu which will pull up related hashtags. Full details.

  • Later now allows you to direct publish single-image posts to Instagram. Full details.

  • Manage your Instagram comments right inside Later (paid plan only). Full details.

  • Later now has the 1 big feature that was missing - the ability to schedule to Instagram Stories!

  • If you use Later to schedule your Instagram posts, you can now schedule carousel posts! Full details.

  • One of the features that was missing from Later than other tools had was profile preview - basically see what your profile will look like when all of your scheduled posts are complete. Later now has this, as well as drag & drop capability for changing scheduled posts.

Sign up for Later here and get an additional 10 posts per month* | Free & paid account options



  • The mobile app is now available. Full details.

  • Loomly 3.0: overhaul to the entire platform to make it more user friendly and lays the groundwork for more features (coming soon). Full details.

  • Interactions: reply to, like, hide/unhide and delete comments for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and soon LinkedIn. Full details.

  • Publishing to Google+ will stop on Feb 28, 2019

  • To save you a bit of time, when you type # in a post composer, a full list of all of the hashtags you’ve used in Loomly will appear so that you can easily select them without a lot of retyping. Full details.

Get Loomly* | 15-day free trial, plans start at $12/month


  • StoriesEdit: a template tool to help you make beautiful IG Stories. Full details.

  • Autopost videos to Instagram business accounts (paid plans only). Full details.

Get Planoly* | Free & paid account options



Get PromoRepublic* | Free & paid account options



  • Bulk uploading via CSV is now available

  • Improved analytics reports available, and you can even download them as a PDF.

  • Your VAs can now send content for your approval directly into RecurPost.

  • Google My Business integration is now available (with Google+ gone!).

  • Has a fresh new look, and you can now view more of your upcoming scheduled posts in the ‘Future Calendar Preview’

  • You can now add team members to your paid account. Full details.

  • Recurpost has added a Smart Queue: a calendar of all of your future queued posts (previously you could only see what was coming up in the next 24 hours).

  • Recurpost now has integrated with Pixabay, Unsplash, and Giphy to bring you GIFs and stock photos to add to your social media posts.

  • If you only started using Recurpost and you are on a paid plan, you can now import old posts from your social media networks to save the time of manually adding them to your content library. Full details.

  • Recurpost (a social media scheduling tool with evergreen functionality) now supports Instagram!

Get RecurPost* | Free & paid account options



  • Create post templates - super handy if you have specific formatting you always use or hashtags you always want to include. Full details.

  • Zapier integration, curate content, image library with the ability to upload your own images or choose from free stock photos. Full details.

Get SendPilot* | 7-day free trials, plans start at $29/month


Social Aider

  • Keep your dashboard tidy with the ability to now delete projects you no longer need. Full details.

  • Instagram: direct scheduling now available. Full details.

  • Instagram scheduling with notifications is now available. Full details.

  • Content curation added as keyword search, and you can edit/schedule that content directly from the search results. Full details.

  • You can now individually select which Facebook and LinkedIn profiles you want to add to your project.

  • SocialAider has been updated with an image editor. Note that these images will not automatically be uploaded to a post - you will have to download your image and then upload it into the composer. Full details.

Get Social Aider* | Plans start at $5/month



  • Users & User Roles can now be set up for your account - the roles have different permissions. Full details.

  • Emojis can be added right from the post composer. Full details.

  • New link shorteners added: JotURL and Replug.

  • Create post variations (so instead of creating a new post for a different version of the same link or image, stay in the same composer and just add a different text variation).

  • Google My Business posting is available. Full details.

  • Basic analytics available for most of your social profiles. Full details.

  • Separate content approval page created to see all of your unapproved posts in one place. Full details.

  • Twitter Growth feature removed. Full details.

  • Post previews available for all networks. Full details.

  • LinkedIn: you can now post photos as actual photos - not as a link to a photo! Full details.

  • Pinterest: scheduling is available. Full details.

  • Twitter: to reduce the appearance of spammy messages and behaviour as Twitter cracks down again, SocialBee has made some changes to its Twitter grow & engage tools: you must have at least 20 new follower templates, you can only follow/unfollow 100 people per day, and auto-DM functionality has been removed. Full details.

Get SocialBee* | 14-day free trial, plans start at $19/month



  • Socialdraft, and social media scheduling tool, now has a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that lets you add content to your posting calendar plus a bunch of other features. Full details.

Get SocialDraft | Free & paid account options



  • @ mention users on Facebook and Twitter posts. Full details.

  • Create a single post and then customize it for different networks. Full details.

    SocialPilot can now post to your Google My Business profile! It’s only 1 of 2 tools I’m aware of that can do this, so it’s a big deal (email me if you want to know about the other one!). Full details.

Get SocialPilot* | Free & paid account options



  • Instagram: text formatting available for IG captions: bold, italics, font types.

  • Pinterest: schedule videos.

  • Instagram: you can now schedule posts and have your hashtags automatically go into the first comment when you’re auto posting. Full details.

  • Auto post videos to Instagram.

  • Set your Instagram posts to automatically share to your Facebook page (note: I don’t actually recommend automatic crossposting like this).

  • Improved hashtag generator for Instagram posts. Full details.

  • Tag users when posting to Instagram. Full details.

  • Smartloop launched, and introductory pricing (50% off!) available until Feb 28, 2019. Full details.

  • Smartloop (evergreen or repeating posts) is now in beta and you can request access for free - this feature will automatically pin your best stuff. Full details.

  • Tribes Insights added, which is an awesome way to see which of your Tribes is giving you the most ROI, and which Tribemates are saving the most from you. Full details.

  • Facebook page cross-posting is now available. And as long as your link or landing page contains an image that’s sized best for Facebook (i.e. square or landscape) your post link preview won’t look like it’s been awkwardly cross-posted from Pinterest.

  • Instagram direct scheduling is available. Full details.

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Video Creation/Editing



  • Animoto released a mobile app (for iOS) that allows you to create vertical videos. Full details.

  • Animoto now has built-in access to over 1M Getty stock photos for you to supplement your videos. Full details.

Limited time offer: get 15% off Annual Professional and Business Plans!* | Free & paid account options



  • Crello (known for graphic design) now has video upload so you can create IG Story videos and FB cover videos. Full details.

Get Crello | Free & paid account options


CutStory for Instagram Stories

  • You can now post directly to your Instagram stories from within the app (no more downloading to your camera roll)

Get CutStory iOS | Free & paid account options



  • Automatically turn podcasts into shareable videos (audiograms), and choose what length you want (15, 30, 45, 60 seconds or the entire video)

  • Transcription works on all video types by default

  • Site now works on mobile (for web, not an app)

Get Headliner* | Free & paid account options 



  • InShot has added a bunch of new filters and adjustments

Get InShot iOS Android | Free & paid account options



  • No more watermark on the Free Plan!

  • Text-to-speech voiceovers available on Enterprise Plans. Full details.

  • Bookmark the templates you love for quicker access

  • Add masks to your images and videos. Full details.

  • More templates and transitions to choose from. Full details.

  • Control the speed of individual video elements or the entire video.

  • All uploaded media is now stored in a library so you can use it over and over without uploading each time

  • Better formatting: elements now snap together for better layouts, you can copy/paste elements across all scenes at once

  • Templates added for making testimonial vids

Get InVideo | Free & paid account options



  • Better formatting options: full control over text size (no more just title/paragraph/quote!), enter line breaks, and add a subtitle to any scene that can be customized separately than the title.

  • Lumen5 has added the ability to make vertical videos, so if stories and IGTV are your forte, this app could be a great investment (as this feature is only available on paid plans). Make a new video or convert your existing videos to vertical. Full details.

  • They’ve recently added a ton of GIFs to the stock library, added additional themes and customizations for your videos, and added speed controls.

Get Lumen5 | Free & paid account options



  • If you have been loving Ripl for your mobile device, they now have a desktop version that syncs to your mobile account, as well as mew metrics and insights.

Get Ripl iOS Android | Free & paid account options



  • Rocketium has a completely revamped video editor to make it easier to create and edit videos. Full details.

  • New templates to create engaging content for social media. Full details

Get Rocketium | Free & paid account options



Graphic Design/Image Editing



  • Canva has created a color palette generator - you upload a photo and it gives you the colors with the hex codes to use in your branding and designs. Full details.

Get Canva | Free & paid account options



  • Crello now has free Instagram video story templates. Full details.

  • Crello has launched ‘Animation Maker’ for it’s paid users which allows you to make graphics containing animations - this includes both animated backgrounds and animated. If you are OK with a ‘Created in Crello’ watermark, you can use some of the animated designs for free. Full details.

  • Crello has introduced a Resize feature, which is available in it’s free plan! Full details.

  • You can now ‘favourite’ the elements, photos, and templates that you use most in order to find them more quickly. Full details.

  • Crello (a free graphic editing program similar to Canva) now allows you to create animated images using a variety of animated backgrounds and templates that you can customize with filters, shapes, elements, and text. Full details.

Get Crello | Free & paid account options



Link/URL Tools

  • On paid plans you can use the Mailchimp integration to collect subscriber emails

  • Blog feature has been removed

  • Thumbnail images can be added to link previews (note: you have to link to the URL of the image, there is no way to upload an image)

  • Less clicks: if you add just a link to a post then the link will open up as soon as a user taps on the photo

  • Links tab: if you have links that you always want to promote without being linked to an individual post there is now a links tab that you can set up

  • There are now specific spots for your Etsy shop, Amazon shop, and Yelp profile

Get* | Free & paid plans available



  • Customize your profile picture: you can now upload another photo for your profile (it automatically defaults to your Instagram profile) (paid accounts). Full details.

  • Customize your links: add thumbnail images to make your links more engaging - choose from your instagram photos or upload from your computer (paid accounts). Full details.

  • Customize your background: upload your own background or choose from the Unsplash library (paid accounts). Full details.

  • Customize your fonts: make your account more closely match your branding by choosing from 15 new fonts (pad accounts). Full details.

  • Priority links: make links stand out animations (paid accounts). Full details.

  • If you use Mailchimp* you can now integrate directly with Linktree to add an email signup button to your profile. Full details.

  • Linktree is an awesome tool when you need to link to multiple places from your Instagram bio. They have added the following feature to their Pro Plan: remove the LinkTree logo, add social and email accounts as icons instead of plain links, enhanced analytics, more visual customization options.

Get Linktree | Free & paid account options


Google URL Shortener

  • The URL shortener is going to be shutting down in the wake of more popular services like and Existing shortened links will continue to work. Full details.



  • Updated dashboard to allow you to sort, search, and more easily compare your CTT links. Full details.

Get ClickToTweet | Free & paid account options



Productivity: Tasks, Calendar, Email



  • Workload: if you have a team, knowing their capacity is critical to scheduling projects. Full details.

  • Custom fields can now be added just for a single project, portfolio, or across your entire organization. Full details.

  • Admin console: see all of your members in one place, an overview of activity, what apps are connected, and more. Full details.

  • Project templates can now be set up with schedules that automatically adjust based on the project due date. Full details.

  • Proofing is available for reviewing/marking up images for more accurate feedback, and each piece of feedback automatically generates a subtask. Full details.

  • Forms: create forms to capture important info you need for your project (including custom fields). Forms can be shared with non-Asana users, so perfect for internal and external use.

  • Add project milestones (paid plans) to help keep your team on track. Full details.

  • Boards: sort and filter options have been added to cards to make it easier to manage your board. Sort by assignee, due dates, custom fields, and more, and filter by assignee, due dates, and custom fields. Full details.

  • Asana now integrates directly with Outlook so you can turn your emails into tasks (note this integration also exists for Gmail). Full details.

Get Asana* | Free & paid account options | Did you know I’m an Asana Certified Pro?



  • Integration with Integromat available.

  • Add Live Chat widget to your website.

  • Split invoices (super helpful for deposits) and receipts available.

Get Plutio* | Plans start at $15/month



  • Google Hangouts chat integration added to Trello. Full details.

  • Teams: the free Trello plan now only allows you to have 10 boards per team (does not apply to ‘personal’ boards. Full details.

  • Butler for Trello is now fully available within Trello - automation capabilities vary depending on your plan level. Full details.

  • Sort your lists by due date, card name, date created, and more. Plus create a new card anywhere in your list, not just at the very top or very bottom. Full details.

Get Trello* | Free & paid account options




  • New confidential mode allows you to send messages that can’t be forwarded, copied, printed, or downloaded (including attachments). You can also set an expiry date, remove access to a message at any time, and require a text verification code to open the email. Full details.

  • Smart compose (that thing that auto completes your sentences) is not available in the mobile app for both iOS and Android. Full details.

  • Schedule emails to send later. Full details.

  • New add-ons for Evernote and Dropbox

  • Several helpful add-ons for your inbox, such as Asana, Trello, Zoom, QuickBooks, and more. Full details.

  • If you need to filter out some of the noise, you can now set your Gmail mobile app to send a notification ONLY for high priority emails. Full details.

Google Calendar

  • RSVP to forwarded event invitations. Full details.

  • Indicate when you are Out of Office and Google will automatically decline any event invites during that time. You can also set your availability on a day-to-day basis. Full details.

Google Docs

  • Compare 2 docs with the differences highlighted as suggested edits - great if you have accidental duplicates or you’re reviewing changes to a document like a contract. Full details.

  • Formatting updates: insert section breaks and have custom margins for those sections. Full details.

  • Embed MP3 and WAV files from your Google Drive directly into Google Slides. Full details.

  • Use the Explore feature to quickly find files to reference or insert. Full details.

Google Sheets

App Maker

  • Quickly build an app to use within your business. Some examples include team on-boarding, track office inventory requests, or project collaboration. Full details.

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Planyway (Trello Extension)

  • Add milestones to your timeline view to keep your project and team on track. Full details.

  • Google Calendar Sync: if you are syncing your cards to your Google Calendar, you can now set these cards (on a system-wide setting) to either show as busy or available - useful if you share your calendar with people to book appointments. Full details.

  • Creating new cards from the calendar: you can now specify a default list for new cards. Full details.

  • Previously the defaults for card duration were in minutes, forcing you to select a time. Now you can set the default to be ‘all day’. Full details.

  • You can now adjust the calendar so that you can view the calendar and your boards all on one screen without having to switch back and forth. Full details.

  • When you need to move more than one calendar item, you can now multi-select calendar items to reschedule. Full details.

Get Planyway | Free & paid account options | Get Trello* | Free & paid account options



  • Evernote for Gmail Add-on is now available in the G Suite Marketplace. It works for desktop, iOS, and Android. You can easily add emails to your Evernote account, or alternatively, insert links to notes inside an email.

Get Evernote* | Free & paid account options



  • Reschedule all overdue tasks at once to be due today, dark theme available. Full details.

Get Todoist* | Free & paid account options



Online Course & Membership



Sign up here and get a 30 day free trial!*

  • Strong Customer Authentication: Kajabi is now compliant with this new European regulation so that you can continue to sell to European customers. Full details.

  • Analytics: better reporting for email campaigns, page views, conversions

  • Events: clone your existing events

  • People: easily distinguish between members and subscribers - members have a star beside their name :)

  • Product Theme: new product theme “Momentum” for a new student experience

  • Email: rich text editor added to the email composer for more customization options

  • Premier Site Theme: social links can open in new windows, a rich text editor has been added to the custom card block, and a background image can be added to a page. Full details.

  • Email: unsubscribe links added to all automated emails. Full details.

  • An easier way to connect your custom domain without having to use Cloudflare. Full details.

  • Email: better analytics for individual emails. Full details.

  • Enhancements to the Premier theme: add offer cards to any page, even your homepage; add anchor links within a single page (awesome for long-form landing pages); add accordion sections (perfect for FAQs). Full details.



Document & Presentation Design



  • Yes, traditionally used for image design, but Canva is also helpful for creating pdf documents - and they have been adding great templates that will be useful for your business. Think opt-ins: worksheets, infographics, guides, and more!

  • Canva is also getting into the print game! Full details.

  • Use Canva to easily make GIFs so you can add another engaging type of content to your social media feeds. Full details.

  • Canva is moving into the print world! You can create your designs and set them to be printed and shipped to you (like VistaPrint). Full details.

  • New formats available: recipe cards, bookmarks, story boards, Twitch banners, comic strip, class schedule, seating chart, and social story.

  • The image editor has been redesigned and is much more user friendly! They've also added a couple of new image formats, like snapchat geofilters or story designs, and photo collages.

  • Add charts (bar, line, pie graphs, venn diagrams and more) to your graphics. You can customize the colors, values, and sometimes the labels of the charts. Great for reports or infographics! Charts are found under Elements.

  • You can now generate a unique URL for your design that can be displayed as a website. Great way to create a temporary landing page or sales page if you don't yet have a website or can't get a fast enough turnaround with your current website. Full details

  • If storage space on your website is a problem, you can now create a design in Canva and then embed it on your website (instead of uploading it directly). And because Canva designs can be interactive it ads another layer to your website. In addition, any changes you make to the design in Canva will be automatically updated on your website - perfect if you can't code but need to make regular changes! Full details

Get Canva | Free & paid account options



  • Automatically generate 3D book cover images for your lead magnet when you create your opt-in form.

  • Formatting updates, including column sizing, font preview, header/footer for all pages. Full details.

  • 14 new lead magnet templates added for those with paid accounts. Full details.

  • Uploaded images will now be saved in an image library so they are easy to add any time without re-uploading; Google Analytics integration added; new font formatting added. Full details.

Get Beacon | Free & paid account options



Email Marketing



  • Integrations added: Salesforce, Typeform, Shopify, JotForm

  • Let ActiveCampaign figure out the best time of day to send an email to each person in your automation to increase open rates. Only available for Pro and up accounts. Full details.

  • Be proactive with your hot leads by triggering actions based on their activity. You have more control on how the leads are scored as well, which is handy if you have different products or levels of service. Full details.

  • Personalization fields for deals is now available, allowing you to customize automated emails to individuals including the details of their specific deal. Full details.

  • Use the live chat widget on your website and have it link back directly to your ActiveCampaign contact database and deals. Full details.

  • Create custom reports to get the exact data you need. Full details.

  • Number based automation actions are now available. You can adjust custom date field dates based on actions, add up page visits, and more. Full details.

  • Square now integrates directly with ActiveCampaign. Full details.

  • More options available for segmenting, like ‘date created/updates’ and ‘has not been sent’. Full details.

  • Preheader text is now available for all emails (studies show that inserting preheader text can increase open rates up to 30%!). Full details.

  • Improvements to CRM, more segmentation options, and task assignment for multiple users. Full details.

Get ActiveCampaign* | Free & paid account options



  • Mailchimp is changing their account and pricing structure based on the amalgamation of all of their services - they’re now a Marketing Platform instead of just an email provider.  Here are the service details. Here are the pricing details.

  • Mailchimp and Shopify are breaking up. If you are a Shopify user you can still connect the two using services like Zapier, and ShopSync. Full details.

  • Lists are now ‘Audiences’ with better insights and reporting. Full details.

Get MailChimp | Free & paid account options



Online Appointments & Booking


Book Like a Boss

  • Additional customizations to appointments & services (checkboxes, links) - perfect for GDPR disclaimers. Full details.

  • Use a custom domain with your BLAB account. Full details.

Get Book Like a Boss* | Free & paid account options




  • CTA feature for your videos on all plans. Full details.

  • Photo Share: bring photos from your Facebook page on to the screen.

  • Be.Live is a great solution for Facebook Live broadcasting from your desktop (while we wait for Facebook to come out with it's own solution). You can display a lower third for your name, notes, or questions, and you can have 2 people broadcasting at a time which is great for interviews or collaborations. Full details.

Get Belive | Free & paid account options




Screen Recording



  • Zoom desktop client has been updated with a simplified interface. Full details.

  • Updates to Zoom Rooms: virtual background automatically enabled (unless you’ve previously turned it off), auto-delete cloud recordings after a set period of time, it’s now easier for people to rejoin a meeting if they lost connection. Full details.

Get Zoom | Free & paid options



  • Respond to a video with a video comment by recording your loom video and pasting the link in the comments - this ensures the entire conversation is in the same place. Full details.

  • Allow only people invited via email to view a video, and remove that access at any time. Full details.

  • You can make a video public to be indexed by Google. Full details.

  • Duplicate videos and set unique CTAs, thumbnail images, or make edits. Full details.

  1. Set Loom to automatically turn on your Do Not Disturb setting so notifications don’t interrupt your videos. Full details.

  2. Loom Pro has launched and gives you features like HD/4K recording, unlimited video storage, CTA buttons and custom thumbnails, and more. Full details.

  3. The video page has undergone a makeover to make it easier to share your video.

Get Loom | Free & paid options






  • Unsplash integration added, so you can search for and add beautiful stock photos right in your website. Full details.

  • Zapier integration now available. Full details.

  • Squarespace now has built-in email functionality with manual and automated solutions. Full details.

  • A mobile app is available, allowing you to update pages and blog posts, add images to gallery blocks from your camera roll, and view your analytics. Full details.

  • You can now link your Squarespace online store to create shoppable Instagram posts. Full details.

Get Squarespace* | Accounts start at $12/month






  • iPad App and New Features: Anchor has now introduced an app for the iPad and a bunch of new features: touch-enabled editing, import your existing audio from almost anywhere, drag-and-drop files from other apps into Anchor, plus better audio quality.

  • Anchor has been completely revamped to focus on podcasting without having to have any fancy or expensive audio editing software. Full details.

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Zoom Webinars

  • Streamline lead generation through Marketo Engage, Pardot, and HubSpot

  • Manage webinar registration fees with PayPal

  • Get timely feedback with integrated survey tools like SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, and Google Forms

Get Zoom* | Note: webinars only available for paid accounts.




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