Copy iPhone Photos to Your Mac With a Single Tap

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You take all of your photos on your iPhone, but you want to edit them before you post, and the editing apps on your phone just aren’t up to snuff or you just prefer to work from your laptop or desktop. Maybe you’ve lost your cable. Or maybe you can’t figure out Photos.

Today is your lucky day. Today I’m going to show you how to get the photos from your iPhone without having to sync your devices, fill up your Dropbox/Drive account, or send yourself a dozen emails with the photos attached.

This tutorial is for Apple users only. The exact steps below will not work if one of your devices is an Android or Windows/PC. If this is you, I found some other solutions that look reputable:

The function that allows this sharing between devices is called AirDrop, and will work between *all* Apple devices.


iPhone to Mac

Most important: you *must* have bluetooth turned on for both devices

Tip: make sure that you know which folder is set for automatic downloads. By default, it should be the ‘Downloads’ folder.

  • Open the Photos app on your device

  • Select the photo(s) that you want to send to your computer

  • Click the share icon 

  • Select the computer to send the photo(s) to

If you don't see the device listed, make sure that bluetooth is turned on for both devices.

Mac to iPhone

Most important: you *must* have bluetooth turned on for both devices

  • Find the photo on your computer that you want to share

  • If you want to send multiple photos, simply highlight them

  • Right-click and select Share > AirDrop

  • Select the device to send the photo(s) to

  • The photo(s) will be saved to your Camera Roll


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