#024 - 10 Awesome Business Tools from Founders of Color

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Welcome to BS’ing with Brandi where my mission is to help you #GetShitDone. I'm your host Brandi Good and today we’re going to talk about some tools that you could be using in your business to help with things like sales, content curation, online events, social media, productivity, and more! And the really cool thing about all of the tools I’m going to highlight today is that they are all from companies founded by people of color.








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Some of these are tools I use now or have used in the past, and some of these were completely new to me before I did my research but I’m super happy to be adding them to my collection of kick ass business resources.

We’re going to do this in alphabetical order, so here are the tools we’re going to discuss today:

AirTable - for organization & task management, spreadsheet-style functionality on steroids. Free and paid plans available.

BeLive - for live streaming to Facebook and YouTube with or without guests. Free and paid plans available.

Canva - for creating professional-looking graphics for your marketing materials. Free and paid plans available.

Calendly - for setting up online appointment booking without back and forth or double-booking. Free and paid plans available.

Feedly - for compiling stuff you want to read/see from all over the internet all in one place (an RSS aggregator), and easily sending those links to other places. Free and paid plans available.

Mixtroz - for giving attendees of your online/virtual events an engaging networking experience. Paid service only (but attendees can use for free).

Passion Planner - the paper planner that really kicked off “planner culture”. Free and paid versions available.

Planoly - for scheduling content on Instagram (and Pinterest). Free and paid versions available.

Soldsie - for making your Facebook and Instagram posts shoppable and increasing your engagement at the same time. Paid plans only.

Wyzerr - a survey tool for collecting data/opinions in a fast and fun way. Free trial available.

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