Blog Roundup: Top 10 Posts of the Year

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December 2017 marks a full year that the BLG blog has been listed on the Top 100 Social Media Blogs. I am slowly inching up the standings, thanks to all of you faithful readers! Because I know how busy you entrepreneurs and small business owners are, I understand that there might have been some helpful articles that you could have missed, so here are my top 10 posts from 2017.

1. Where to Find Free Images for Social Media

This is a giant listing of amazing quality stock photos that you can use by themselves or to create graphics to engage your audience. I update this list as new resources come to my attention, so it’s a good article to bookmark.

2. How to Change Your Facebook Page Name and Username

Facebook is great when things work. But when things don’t, or you get errors, figuring out how to fix it can be impossible. And let's not even get started about Facebook support. If you are having problems changing your info on Facebook, this article will walk you through a few different troubleshooting scenarios.

3. Best Image Sizes for Social Media

Another good one to bookmark. I update this post whenever a social media network makes a change to the image sizes of their profiles or post images - never post another awkwardly cropped photo again!

4. How I Use Gmail, Trello, Evernote, and Chrome to Stay Organized

Besides social media, a large portion of you are concerned with saving time. Since I often get asked about my day-to-day processes I put this together in the hope that some of the tools or processes here can make your days more productive.

5. Best IFTTT Recipes for Social Media

Another article focusing on productivity and time saving by highlighting some of the ways you can automate social media activities using If This Then That.

6. How to Grow Your Facebook Page for Free

Before you start running Facebook ads to grow your page likes, try these 10 free methods that will be more effective in the long run.

7. How to Get Your Hashtag Trending on Twitter

I don’t write about Twitter often, but in 2017 I got a lot more questions about the Twitter algorithm and how to make things go viral. I wrote this so you could make the most out of your hashtag campaigns.

8. Use Trello to Manage Your Social Media Content

Trello is an amazing tool not only for staying productive but also keeping your ideas organized. This article shows you how to create a board to keep track of your post ideas so that you always have something to post.

9. How to Automatically Recycle Your Best Social Media Posts

If you create evergreen content (i.e. stuff that you can post over and over again) then constantly re-creating or re-uploading your posts can be a pain in the ass. Here is how you can automate that process.

10. Why Your Facebook Contest Could Get Your Page Shut Down

This is the oldest post on the top 10 list, and one that people come back to time and time again. If it’s important to you to market your business the right way, and you would like to run a contest on Facebook, definitely check this out.


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