5 Reasons to Choose Kajabi When You're New to Business

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Kajabi isn’t exclusively for 6-figure entrepreneurs. It may seem expensive on the surface, but when you add up all of the features it includes it can often be the right choice for new business owners who are setting up from scratch. Read on for my top 5 reasons why Kajabi could be perfect for your new online business.


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I often have 2 recommendations for those new-er to online business when they ask me about Kajabi. 

  1. Kajabi is at a higher price point - consider starting smaller and working up to Kajabi as you earn more.
  2. Since Kajabi has so many features it will be cheaper than going with a low-cost course platform and having to subscribe to a bunch of other platforms to get all of the features you need.

Seems a bit contradictory, yes?

What this boils down to is understanding what tools you already have and what you’re paying for them. Sometimes it makes sense to replace existing tools with Kajabi. Sometimes what you’ve got is already great and Kajabi would complicate things. Let me give you 2 examples:

  1. Client A had a WordPress website and used Infusionsoft for email marketing. We added Kajabi to the mix for course hosting, and eventually got rid of both WordPress and Infusionsoft since Kajabi has both website and email marketing functionality. The monthly cost she was paying for Infusionsoft alone was higher than the monthly Kajabi cost - without it and the WP hosting she’s now saving hundreds of dollars each month. 
  2. Client B also had a WordPress website, WooCommerce for online payments, and a free MailChimp account for emails. She wanted to use Kajabi for hosting courses only because there were concerns about the website performance if she added a course plugin to her site. In the end, because her existing systems were so established and integrated with WP, it was more cost-effective for her to simply upgrade her WP hosting package and purchase a course plugin for a 1-time fee. By using Kajabi we would have been adding another system into the mix that cost more than just upgrading her hosting.

People tend to think Kajabi is only for established businesses, but if you are starting from scratch and you have a list of systems you need to set up, an all-in-one solution is going to be comparable or even cheaper than setting up a ton of different “affordable” solutions.

And trust me, you’ll spend a lot less time trying to get everything to work together :)


You Don’t Need 2 Separate Platforms for Your Course and Your Website


If you are just starting out, one of the very first things you need is a website. If you are intending to be an infopreneur and focus on e-learning, then it’s a great idea to choose a course platform that also allows you to create a website.

No worrying about creating subdomains. No struggles to make the look and feel of 2 separate platforms match.

And as a bonus, Kajabi also has blogging functionality which is a key marketing opportunity for many course creators.

Kajabi is also designed to grow with you. If you start a second business or branch out with a new product/service that requires its own branding, custom domain, and customization settings you can create multiple websites all under one login.


Consistent Branding


This wasn’t always the case, but these days Kajabi has the same page builder for nearly every component of your online presence: website, landing pages, funnels, email, checkout pages, forms, and course products.

This means that you can have the same colours, elements, and styling across everything if you want to!

The 2 notable places where the old text editor is still used is for blog posts, and for some of the transactional emails. You can get these better branded with some custom coding, but my hope is that these are on the Kajabi roadmap.


Less Worry About Integrations Failing


Zapier and Integromat are awesome business tools that I use every day, but sometimes it can be nerve-wracking to have to depend on them for critical business functions because you never know when something is going to glitch. Or you change your password on a site and forget to re-authorize those apps for your automation and it fails. Or notices about potential automation problems land in your spam folder and you don’t realize until it’s too late.

With Kajabi you can do these kinds of things without relying on an integration:

  • Add new subscribers to a multi-email sequence
  • Subscribe or unsubscribe people from email sequences based on their behaviour on your site or in your courses
  • Send a coupon code to someone who visited your checkout but didn’t purchase
  • Send a “Hey there” email to someone who hasn’t logged in to your course in X days
  • Automated email notifications for comment replies, payment failures, community posts 

Subscriber, purchaser, email, and purchase history is all stored under the contact’s profile so you can see the activity in one place.


More Affordable 


You may experience sticker shock when you look at the monthly price, but consider that the cost includes:

  • Website hosting
  • Course hosting
  • Video hosting
  • Email marketing
  • CRM
  • Checkout pages
  • Funnels

 If you needed to pay for all of these separately your monthly cost would be far more than the monthly Kajabi subscription fee.

Since I started using Kajabi I’ve been able to cancel my website hosting, email marketing, and webinar service, saving me about $800/year!


Amazing Support


Support is accessible and top-notch, including a help center, daily live Q&A sessions, email, and live chat plus a super active and engaged Facebook Group. You will rarely find conflicting or confusing information the way I generally find with platforms like WordPress or Squarespace, plus the Facebook community is an amazing resource full of helpful users who love Kajabi and are happy to help and support you.



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