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#029 - You Need To Do Things Manually Before Automating - BS'ing with Brandi

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Welcome to BS’ing with Brandi where my mission is to help you #GetShitDone. I'm your host Brandi Good and today we’re going to talk about what you need to do before you start automating things. And unfortunately, what you need is to do the things manually, then automate.


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The exception to this would be if you were hiring someone to do something new in your business and they were already an expert in how to do that thing. Then you’re good because guess what - they’ve already done the hard work of figuring out how things are supposed to work so that they understand what and how that thing can be automated.


But this is for those of you who are DIY’ing your shit. You have to crawl before you can walk before you can run.


Crawling is when you’re starting out, you have a goal in mind but you have no idea what you’re doing so you’re just using your best guess on what you have to do, what tools you need, what order things get done in. So the shit gets done, but it ain’t pretty - you got there in the end but it took a long time, you’re frustrated, and your knees are all scraped up.


Walking is when you’ve been doing it for long enough that you have a workflow - a nice repeatable, consistent set of processes and checklists that you can do in your sleep. It’s smooth, but the whole thing still takes longer than you’d like.


Now you’re ready to run - that’s looking to see where there are opportunities to automate, if there are more advanced tools that will take on some of the more tedious tasks.


We’ll also talk about a couple of real world examples that I’ve worked on with clients:

  • Setting up an automated appointment booking system
  • Using task & project management software - and how different each person’s needs are


So remember, crawling may be frustrating, but it's a necessary step in the process.

That wraps up today’s episode of BS’ing with Brandi. If you enjoyed this topic, you can find more like it at bsingwithbrandi.com, along with show notes and links to any resources mentioned today. While you’re there, feel free to subscribe to future episodes on the platform of your choice, and I wish you all the best getting shit done this week!


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