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Welcome to BS’ing with Brandi where my mission is to help you #GetShitDone. I'm your host Brandi Good and today we’re going to talk about one of the biggest reasons you’re not doing video for your business. One of the big reasons is tech confusion and frustration, but I talk and write about that all of the time. Today’s episode is tackling something a bit more personal, a bit more uncomfortable: fear. Specifically fear of criticism.


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Our topic today is coming from my personal experience with doing video for my business, but also discussions with members of School for Heartful Entrepreneurs.

What I’m going to do is break down this fear into 3 specific subtopics, which are:

● I suck at speaking

● I hate my ________ (insert characteristic or body part here)

● To get dolled up or not - that is the question

I’m pretty firm on what you can do to address the first two, the last one is still something I’m struggling with and haven’t yet come up with an answer I’m happy with.

I suck at speaking: let’s talk about the words “like” and “so” and those wonderful “umms” and “uhhs”. Whether you sign up for Toastmasters or get a speaking coach or just start practicing speaking on video in your car the key is to speak with confidence - if you’re hesitant or unsure, all of those vocal habits and tics will stand out.

I hate my _______: for me it was my voice. That is a very common one. For many other people it has to do with weight - even crazy successful people like Amy Porterfield avoided putting her face on camera for a long time because she wasn’t comfortable with her weight. If you are doing things to try to hide or cover up, chances are you are creating more of a distraction.

To get dolled up or not: I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. As a work-from-home online entrepreneur, when I go live in sweats and a messy bun am I being my authentic self? Or am I just being lazy? Am I giving a bad impression or am I being relatable?

That wraps up today’s episode of BS’ing with Brandi. If you enjoyed this topic, you can find more like it at bsingwithbrandi.com, along with show notes and links to any resources mentioned today. While you’re there, feel free to subscribe to future episodes on the platform of your choice, and I wish you all the best getting shit done this week!


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