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Figure Shit Out

You need your business to be a well-oiled machine but you don't know where to start. Maybe there's a tool out there that will save you hours or that works better for your business. I'll research what is going to work best for the needs of your business and your clients . . . and you'll get it in writing!

Get Shit Done

You don't have time to set up tools or accounts, muck around with settings, or make sure everything works together the way it's supposed to. That's where I come in! I'll implement your shiny new tools and systems, document everything, and even train your own staff if that's what you need!

Keep Shit Going

You are busy making money and the last thing you want to do is worry about your systems or your technology all of the time. Think of me as your tech whisperer, your business systems strategist, your digital lifesaver. I'll be there to monitor them, fix them, and improve them!

Let me tell you all about it...


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Still Have Questions?

Let's quickly jump on the phone or have a video chat!

So what do you actually do?

You have the vision. You have the business goals.

You have clients that desperately want what you have to offer.

What you don't have is the time or patience or know-how to implement all of the technical pieces that will get you from vision to success.


This digital world we live in grows more complicated by the day.

You shouldn't have to spend your time

  • attending webinars and watching hours of video to learn how to use your software and never quite getting your concern addressed
  • bookmarking hundreds of helpful blog posts that you'll never go back to because you don't have time to implement the advice
  • getting frustrated by all of the conflicting information on Google because online platforms and apps are changing faster than we can keep up with
  • searching frantically for the elusive contact number or email when your software becomes possessed by digital ghosts


--> Have you ever wished you could have someone sign up for an event and then get an automatic confirmation email . . . and be able to identify them as purchasers inside your email system?
--> Have you ever looked at what feels like hundreds of social media scheduling apps and wished someone would just tell you which one is best to use for your needs?
--> Have you ever wanted to eliminate email tag and chasing invoices by having your clients book appointments online and pay for your services up front?


These are just a teeny tiny sliver of the frustrations that you might be dealing with - and that I can help with!


Keeping in mind your needs, budget and comfort level with technology, I'll come up with a detailed process for how you can go from vision to implementation, including software or app recommendations, and step-by-step processes when applicable.

(I'll also help you implement that plan too if you want, but that's another conversation!)

I'm in!

I have something in my business that could run smoother - help me fix it.

What are your fellow entrepreneurs saying?

Brandi’s depth of understanding of social media, marketing, and the technology of it all has been invaluable to my business' success.  When I was stuck and not able to grow my business she helped with the planning and implementation of my marketing  and technological needs. Thank you, Brandi, for your dedication to your craft. You are amazing to work with.

Elizabeth Teliz-McQuarrie, Decode Greatness

Brandi has an incredible way of seeing through technology struggles within a business! She asks the right questions and has the tools to help turn things around. Very thankful our paths have crossed... Brandi is a technology systems guru!

Kristy Ehman, Utopia Designs & Kiddoz

Thank you Brandi for your help in sorting through the overwhelming number of technology options that are out there! I am so excited that I finally have cut through the clutter and made a good conclusion on this.  I can see how this was weighing me down and slowing me down.  And now with a clear technology plan in place, I can confidently step forward!  Thank you for the great questions and suggestions that you provided me.  Stay tuned -- this is going to ROCK!

Donna Lendzyk, The Storyteller's Advantage

I'm in!

I have something in my business that could run smoother - help me fix it.

So What Digital Tech Do You Work With?

This list is by no means exhaustive. Just because you don't see an app here doesn't mean I don't use it.


Email (MailChimp, ActiveCampaign)

Social Media (HootSuite, Later, Tailwind, RecurPost)

Graphic Design (Canva, Visme, Beacon, Crello)

Video Editing (iMovie, Animoto, Lumen5

Websites (WordPress, Squarespace)

Webinars/Live Video (WebinarJam, Zoom, Hangouts)


Project/Task Management (Trello, Asana, Todoist)

Calendars (Google Calendar, iCalendar)

Email (Gmail, Apple Mail)

File Storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote)

Integrations (IFTTT, Zapier, Automate.io)

RSS (Feedly, Feeder)

iOS Device Integration


Courses/Membership (Kajabi, Membervault, Thinkific)

Online Booking (Book Like a Boss, Omnify, Assistant.to)

Conferencing (Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, Join.me)

Accounting (Paypal, Skype, Wave)

Surveys (Typeform, SurveyMonkey)

Office Suites  (Google, Microsoft)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are *really* sure, I am happy to skip right to the project (Getting Shit Done) part. Shoot me an email or book a virtual coffee and let's chat about it!

It all depends on how many assessments and projects are on the go - everything is first come first serve!

If you check my booking page and the next opening is too far away, shoot me an email to let me know the details of your issue and we'll see what we can do.

Or . . . you may want to consider becoming a monthly support client . . . just sayin' :)

The short answer is no.

I am here to take a look at your business goals and figure out what technology and processes you need to get there.

Sometimes that involves me recommending some type of marketing strategy, but in general I am not here to be your marketing or social media *person* . . . except in rare cases :)

I'm in!

I have something in my business that could run smoother - help me fix it.


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