Systematize Your Work From Anywhere


This is a collection of free resources to help you work remotely. There are videos, podcasts, blog posts, and links to resources. it covers topics like:

  • online courses
  • video recording
  • live streaming
  • online meetings
  • closed captioning
  • and more


All of the videos are closed captioned and transcripts provided for your convenience.



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About Your Instructor

I help women entrepreneurs #GetShitDone. My signature service, Systematize Your Biz, is designed to identify the gaps in your business where tasks could be completed faster, with less frustration, or at a lower cost. I'll streamline your online business activities using the tech, workflows, and systems that make the most sense for you. All so you can focus on what’s most important - serving your clients and making a difference in the world!

Brandi Good

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