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What To Do When You Can't Think of Anything to Post On Social Media

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Full disclosure #1: these are all things that I've done personally when trying to write content with a brain stuck in first gear. I fully endorse these tips!

Full disclosure #2: this is not one of those articles that tells you to go for a walk in the forest and listen to birdsong or pop down to the yoga studio. Each one of the tips below should take as little as 10-15 minutes.


Search your favourite quotes

If you use Pinterest, you probably have a board full of nothing but inspirational quotes. Browse the board until something jumps out at you. Then head over to your favourite graphic design program (may I recommend Canva or Enhance?) and make a quote image. Make sure to attribute the quote and also include your branding (i.e. logo, business name, website address, etc.).


Look at your calendar from 1 year ago

Heck, you could even go 5 years back if you wanted. Are there any milestones that you'd like to talk about? For example, (at the time of writing) when I look back on my calendar for this week 1 year ago:

  • I was finishing up my coaching certification

  • I was gearing up for my first round of B-School

  • I was prepping for my last training session with one of my all-time favourite clients

  • Deadpool was coming out in theatres

If I put some effort into it I could definitely write something business-y for Deadpool (like their amazing marketing campaign!?) but the other 3 are 100% business related. It could be a #ThrowbackThursday. I could give a shoutout to my clients' business and/or feature the testimonial she wrote for me. I could promote my new coaching service. And on and on.


Engage with your audience

Conversations tend to work best on Twitter, but if you're not using it you can still engage on other platforms. For the purposes of this article I'm going to use Twitter as my example.

Log in to Twitter (or the social media management platform of your choice - may I recommend Hootsuite?). If you follow a lot of people, browsing your home feed may be an exercise in futility, so head right over to the search function or browse lists that you already have set up. Search for keywords related to your business or industry and see what people are saying. Search for tweets from people who are in your geographic area to find out what people are talking about locally. Reply to a few tweets (genuinely), even if it's just to say "I agree" or "Great point". Getting the conversation rolling could spark something in your brain. And even if it doesn't, interacting with people who could be potential customers or influencers is never a waste of time.


Look around your office

Got a thank you card from a client recently? What about the newest business book you've been reading? Think your coffee cup is especially cute today? Did you get some new decor to liven up your office?

Snap a picture and tell us the story of how you came to have it - everyone loves a good story!


Check if there is a silly holiday being celebrated

Everything is celebrated online these days, from nutella to puzzles to grammar. There might be something happening today or in the next few days that you can relate to your business. Check this out for some ideas and download a checklist of days you can celebrate!


Check if there is a real holiday being celebrated

Again, there might be something that relates to your business, but more likely this is an opportunity to make your business more relatable to your audience by wishing them happy holidays, or talking about a cause you support. That checklist I mentioned above will have some of these, but you might also want to think about developing an entire content calendar so these holidays don't just sneak up on you.


Browse your old content

If you write a blog or newsletters, re-read older articles to see if there is some little gem that you can pull out as a quote or turn into a quote photo.

Maybe you have even more knowledge about the subject now and could write a follow-up to the original article.

Or maybe the article has some information that is out of date - polish it up and republish!


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Just do what you do best.  ~Red Auerbach

Everything is figureoutable. ~Marie Forleo

Productivity isn't about getting more things done. It's about getting the right things done. ~Brandi Good


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Become a member of Systematizing for Heartful Entrepreneurs



Just do what you do best.  ~Red Auerbach

Everything is figureoutable. ~Marie Forleo

Productivity isn't about getting more things done. It's about getting the right things done. ~Brandi Good


Designed with 💜 in Kajabi.
Try Kajabi free for 14 days!



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