Favourite Zaps for Google Workspace

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Zapier does a lot of things and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Since Google Workspace is a tool that I know a lot of you use, I’ve put together a list of Zaps that you may want to try out to improve your productivity, your customer service, and your collaboration!


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Engage with Survey Takers

Do you regularly send out surveys or questionnaires? If you don’t have survey software that has email automation built in, you can easily connect your software to Gmail and send out a customized email whenever your form is submitted. Great for thanking people, offering a gift or discount, or just asking them to stay in touch.

Works with Typeform, JotForm, Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, and more!


Create ToDos from Emails

I’m not a fan of managing tasks from an email inbox - you have to get them out of there! You can trigger these zaps in a variety of ways, from the recipient email, to a specific label, to starring the email. And it integrates with a ton of great task and project management software.

Works with Trello, Asana, ToDoist, ClickUp, and more!


Never Lose an Attachment

If you are communicating with your clients via email, it’s likely that attachments are flying back and forth. Use this Zap to automatically save attachments into a specific client folder inside Google Drive and rest easy knowing that everything is always in the right place.

Tip: for increased automation, set up filters in Gmail that automatically give the appropriate label to your clients’ emails!


Google Calendar


Turn Events into Tasks

Tired of planning too many tasks on days that are full of meetings? Get your events and appointments into your task or project management software to see how your schedule really looks.

Works with Trello, Asana, ToDoist, ClickUp, and more!

Tip: since these items are now in your task list you can more easily take notes, add checklists, add due dates to follow up on action items that come out of the meeting, etc.


Get Text Reminders

If the default calendar reminders are not working for you use this Zap to set up a text reminder.

Tip: select a custom text tone for your calendar reminders so that they stand out from all of the other pings and dings your phone sends you - it will help to prevent you from being late for meetings and appointments!


Google Drive


Sync Drive and Dropbox

Maybe you use Google Drive and your client uses Dropbox. Or vice versa. Or you’re working with a consultant or subcontractor that uses the one you don’t. You can easily select folders to keep synced so that you can keep using the tool you know, but documents can easily be shared.

Google Drive → Dropbox, Dropbox → Google Drive


Save Your Instagram Photos

If you use the built-in Instagram tools to filter and edit your photos and a) always forget to download a copy to your camera roll or, b) want to keep your camera roll uncluttered, why not use this Zap to automatically save all of your Instagram photos to a folder in Google Drive? That way they are all organized in one place for later reposting, and you have a backup of your photos in case something happens to your account!


Google Forms


Get Subscribers from Survey Responders

Again, if you are using forms and surveys on a regular basis you can have those people sign up to your mailing list!

Works with Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign.

Tip: make sure you are CASL and GDPR compliant when adding these people to your list! Just because the technology allows you to do so doesn’t mean you can :)


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