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#026 - How to Invest in Your Business When You Can't Afford #AllTheThings

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Welcome to BS’ing with Brandi where my mission is to help you #GetShitDone. I'm your host Brandi Good and today we’re going to talk about different ways you can invest in your business - specifically, ways to invest in your business when you can’t afford #AllTheThings, like that coach who sounds amazing but is $5000/month, or that tool that could solve all of your problems but costs $200/month.







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And heads up, the language in this one is extra salty so you may want to put your earbuds in :)


Our topic today came from one of the members of our group, School for Heartful Entrepreneurs. I started a discussion around barriers or hurdles that people have to face when running a business that don’t get addressed much publicly. There were some amazing comments, but today I want to focus on one specific comment, and I’ll read it to you directly:


“Sometimes people actually don't have money to invest in themselves or their businesses. Several coaches make it seem like you don't believe in yourself if you're not willing to spend your last dollars on a coach without knowing if it's going to pay off.”


I know this was specifically about coaching, but the idea about not having money to invest really struck me so I want to put this in a little bigger context of not just people resources like coaching or consulting or even outsourcing, but also the technical resources like devices and software and services.


Here’s what I touch on in this episode:

  • Guilt marketing
  • What “investing” means
  • 5 ways to invest in your business without going broke

That wraps up today’s episode of BS’ing with Brandi. If you enjoyed this topic, you can find more like it at bsingwithbrandi.com, along with show notes and links to any resources mentioned today. While you’re there, feel free to subscribe to future episodes on the platform of your choice, and I wish you all the best getting shit done this week!


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