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#023 - Productivity Isn't About Doing #AllTheThings

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Welcome to BS’ing with Brandi where my mission is to help you #GetShitDone. I'm your host Brandi Good and today we’re going to talk about productivity and what getting shit done really means. Our topic today is something that has been bothering me as we navigate our in-pandemic-mode world. Do you often overhear or find yourselves in conversations where there’s a discussion about “So what new skill have you learned during COVID?” Or how many articles have you seen with titles like “COVID is the perfect opportunity to launch your business/online course/podcast/etc.!”


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If you are in a position where you do have extra time and are learning new things, developing new products and services, or even launching that business you’d always been dreaming of and you are happy to do so - great!

However... people think that they absolutely should be doing these things. That if they have extra time it suddenly means that they are obligated to do these things. And then when they don’t, they feel guilty.

And that is extremely fucked up.

It made me realize that our definition of productivity is often wrong. When people think of productivity they think of it as how to get more shit done. I’ve probably been guilty of this too, and maybe even guilty of making people think that what I mean by productivity.

But what we need to be talking about isn’t how to get more shit done. It's about how to get the right shit done. And then how to make that shit as efficient as possible so that you have more free time to do whatever you want.

So what is the right shit to get done? Because half of the world is telling us this is the best time to start an online business or launch a course, and the other half is telling us to use this time to slow down. How do we find a balance?

So I’m going to share a story with you about my experience over the past couple months, and then I have some listener stories from some of the amazing people inside my School for Heartful Entrepreneurs membership group.



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