3 Important Tools for Better Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a challenge to most businesses, from how to get people to open, to getting them to read, to getting them to actually click or take action. Here are three free tools I’ve used not only to improve my open rate, but also to make sure people don’t miss important information like deadlines and events. The easier you make things for your readers, the more they will appreciate you and the information you provide!


Subject Lines

In order for any part of your email message to be effective, you need people to open it. Hopefully you have an audience who hangs on your every word, but if they get busy, or they are experiencing inbox overwhelm they might start deleting your emails unread. You need a subject line that’s going to make them curious enough to open it, but that isn’t total clickbait.

If you’re stuck, this subject line tester from CoSchedule is a great place to start! It will give you hints about good and bad words to use, subject line length, and more.

Keep in mind that these results aren’t gospel - they should be used as a tool (in conjunction with your own email stats) for you to figure out what subject lines (words, length, tone, etc.) most appeal to your subscribers.

Try CoSchedule’s Subject Line Tester


Countdown Timer

If you are promoting something that has a deadline, you’ve probably had people reach out after the fact because they missed that date amongst all of the other info that you tossed at them. Something like a big colourful timer that is actively counting down when they open their email is going to be hard to miss.

You can do some basic customizations like using your brand colour and choosing a template. Font selection is limited, so you’ll just need to use whatever is closest to your brand font.

This does require copy/pasting some HTML code into your email, but if you’ve never done it before MotionMail provides instructions, or you could contact the support team of your email provider for help. Please make sure you still include your deadline in the text of your email, because anyone who doesn’t read the HTML version of their emails (i.e. text-only) will not see your time.

Try MotionMail’s Countdown Timer


Add To Calendar

Again, there is nothing more frustrating than someone not catching a date in an email. If you are promoting an event, it is key to get that event in your subscriber’s calendar so they don’t miss it. If you are relying on the person to add it to their calendar, you’ve probably got less than a 50% shot that they are going to go to the trouble of adding it themselves. However, if you make it possible to do this is one or two clicks, they will really appreciate it!

Eventable is my favourite solution because their free plan allows you to create unlimited events, and when adding the information to your emails you can choose to add HTML or just links. Again, because some people still won’t see the HTML code, I’d recommend using the link option just in case.

Try Eventable’s Add To Calendar Button



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